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1U3352/1U3352RC Caterpillar Style Rock Chisel Tooth J350

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1U3352/1U3352RC Caterpillar Style Rock Chisel Tooth  J350


Buceket teeth: 1U3352/1U3352RC Caterpillar Style Rock Chisel Tooth  J350

weight:  1U3352:5.5kg 



Adapter:3G8354: 9kg

Pins&lock:8E8468  &8E8469

1U3352    flat bucket teeth J350

1U3352RC Caterpillar Style Rock Chisel Tooth J350

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1. production process. Sodium silicate precision casting process and our own patent technology which can improve not only hardness but also impact toughness of parts, so as to prolong service life of wear parts.Cat J460  Heavy Penetrating Shovel Tooth, 1U3352RC CAT Style J350 Rock Chisel Tooth

2.The efficiency is very high !  Loader Excavator Rock Bucket Teeth 1U3352RC for Cat E320

1U3352RCN2 J350CAT320 Rock Chisel Bucket Tooth

3.20,000 ton wear parts annual output is available.CATSTYLE J450 J460HD PENETRATION TOOTH 138-6451

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Cast Teeth (Continued) Forged Teeth Forged teeth are used on backhoes, loaders, excavators and motor graders. Chrome-moly alloy steel along with the continuous fibre structure and grain flow of the steel provide increased strength while maintaining hardness. Forged teeth have a high tensile strength while maintaining excellent ductility. After cooling, the teeth are run through a shakeout to remove the mold and cores. Castings go through an additional cleaning operation to remove all sand. Using acetylene torches, excess material is removed from the teeth which then go through a finishing grind to remove all excess

metal. All CAT cast teeth are differentially heat-treated to provide the hardness, wear resistance, and toughness for the longest, most productive life. Cat J460  Heavy Penetrating Shovel Tooth 1386451,138-6451

Forged teeth are produced from steel bars and billets with specifed and carefully controlled analysis. The raw material is cut to size and heated in electric induction heating units to forging temperatures. Electrical heating provides a much higher quality product than gas heating. Following heating, the part undergoes up to ten steps in the forging process to form the tooth from the solid steel billet. After forging, the individual parts are inspected, hand finished, and then sent on to heat-treating. In the heat-treating process, the teeth are individually placed in containers to provide thorough and even heating. Next, they are loaded into endothermically-controlled atmosphere furnaces where they are heated to a closely controlled temperature. This type of furnace allows the surface chemical analysis of the part to be maintained and ensures that the part will be heat-treated to the maximum attainable hardness. Following the hardening process, the teeth are tempered and inspected for hardness.Cat J460 Heavy Penetrating Shovel Tooth,1U3352RC Teeth Rock Chisel CAT J-Series J350