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5D9559 Ggrader Blade 2133*203*19 15*5/8" 59kg

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Everything about Grader blade 5D9559, You should know

5D9559  Ggrader Blade 2133*203*19 15*5/8" 59kg


Grader blades are used to create a flat surface or level during the leveling process, and knowing the size and material of the curved board is important for you to choose a blade for your grader

Today we will introduce the 5D9559, which is suitable for CAT

120, 120G, 120H, 120H ES, 120H NA, 12F, 12G, 12H, 12H ES, 12H NA, 130G, 135H, 135H NA, 140, 140B, 140G, 140H, 140H ES,  140H NA, 140K, 143H, 14E, 16, 160G machine

CAT 5D9559-3/4X8X84" 5/8P GR.BLADE

Description Part No.:5D9559

Description:Curved grader blade

Applied Machine:Motor grader






Bolt:5/8" plow bolt

Bolt Qty.:15

For grader blades, you have two important options. What is the right material and what is the best blade type for your application? Choosing the right shovel can have a significant impact on the grader's performance and overall productivity.


High carbon steel(C80)---If you are the customer who in the earthmoving industry,and need a favorable price,you can choose C80 Material

Heat treated boron steel (30MnB)---If you are the customer who in the mining industry, and need a high quality,you can choose 30MnB Material

While choosing the right metal is important, application and context will often determine which type of blade you need for your project. Impact force, ground penetration and wear resistance will define the prerequisites for your cutting edge. The grader blade you choose must be able to penetrate ground material, not wear excessively, and remain intact during impact operation.

Flat edge - Best suited for applications that do not require moving material for redistribution, and for applications for ditching or general gravel maintenance

Serrated edges - Best suited for applications that require increased ground penetration to move surface materials

5D9559S 4Z9020 Curved Serrated cutting edges grader blade

Curved Edges- Best suited for applications that load and redistribute existing materials along the top layer to create a smooth, flat finished pavement

Scarifier Edges - Most suitable for applications with high ground compaction, heavy stones, asphalt or thick ice.

Weld in and Bolt on cutting edges and other wear componentry is available for all makes and models of Excavators, Bulldozers, Loaders, Scrapers, Graders and Compactors. We can fabricate any type of edge to best suit your requirements.

5D95595d9559 grader blade