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#80 carbon steel and 30MnB heattreated boron steel for curved grader blades

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YASHENG------- we are one of the famous manufacturer of Ground Engaging tools spare parts in Ningbo , our products include grader blades, cutting edges ,end bits ,bucket teeth and adapters etc and also we could provide our customers pins and locks ,bolt and nuts to match with the blades and teeth. If there is some other items you are interest in, we can also help to find it. We can privide #80 carbon steel and 30MnB heattreated boron steel for curved grader blades; 16Mn heattreated manganese steel and 30MnB heattreated boron steel for flat cutting edges and end bits. the hardness of us cutting edges and end bits are HB280-320 for C80 carbon steel. And HB330-370 for manganese steel and HB440-480 for boron steel. the specifications of our grader blades We have 152*13mm 152*16mm 152*19mm. 203*16mm 203*19mm 203*25mm, we can make your logo on your blades by stamp or painting. But normally we didn't provide logo on teeth, only if the quantity is big enough (usually need to be more than 1000kgs) for each part number. And Normally we make it yellow, and we could change the color if you require, but we need to increase the price a little because the other color cost is higher than yellow. We have a in-process inspector to check all dimension and also the hardness. We also have a final inspector to check everything(dimension,holes distance,hardness)before packing.Our warranty time is two years/24months after shipment. And we can provide free replacement if it is broken under normal work condition.

 Look at this picture this is Bolt and Nut, this is pin and Retainer and here we can see Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate and Spade edge Loader bucket cutting edge and next this is Casting half arrow Bucket tooth, Adapter, Bolt on teeth.

And the next page we can see this is Bucket Protector, Heel Shroud, blade, Bolt and Nut, Pin and Retainer, Bucket pin and bushing, Chocky Bar and Wear Button, Side cutter, Bucket tooth, Adapter, Lip Shroud.

The next picture this is motor grader, we can see this is Casting ripper shank ripper tooth and here we can see this is serrated grader blade flat grader blade and grader end bit, curved grader blade in the front we can see this is cutting edge, bolt and nut.

The next page this is dozer, here we can see ripper shank, protector, ripper tooth, pin and retainer, Grouser bar and the front in clouding Track link, track track roller idler, carrier roller and sprocket, here we can see Casting end bit, End bit, Bolt and Nut, cutting edge.