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9W2452 Tip Ripper Bucket Tooth with yellow material for 9W 2452


  • 9W2452


  • 9W 2452

Excavator Bucket Teeth 9W2452 Excavator Spare Parts Bucket Tooth


Bucket teeth and adaptors are usually used on equipments like loaders, excavators, bulldozers and graders. bucket teeth helps to digging the earths, or help to shovel up materials like rocks, soils, coals. Good bucket tooth and adaptors means good hardness, good impact, and internal dense structure.

In China market, there are three main popular processing techniques of bucket tooth producing, they are: sand casting, precision casting, forging casting. Bucket teeth and adaptors produced by different processing techniques have different characteristics. Some is super quality, some is economic. Different customers needs different process techniques.

Now let me introduce you how each processing technique working and the adavantage of each of them.

Bucket tooth produced by sand casting is the most cheapest, the mechanical perfermance of sand casting bucket tooth and adaptors is enough for most working environment, but sand casting bucket tooth and adaptors the product appearance is very ugly, it will have some small holes on the surface of the tooth, it will not affect the bucket tooth and adaptor using, but customer will not feel happy when they see this kind bucket tooth and adaptors.

Our indian and southeast asia customers usually chose sand casting bucket tooth and adaptors because their market is very competitive, their customers is very sensitive to the goods price, sand casting can help them to survive from the terribly competitve market, after all, the quality is not too poor.

Another most popular technique is precision casting, the other name of precision casting is: lost wax casting. precision casting is the most most popular and reliable technique in China, and also in the world, bucket tooth produced by precision casting is beautiful, and with reliable dimensions, reliable mechanical perfermance, and the lost wax casting moulds is cheaper, when you want to develop a new bucket tooth but we don’t need it in large quantity, you can produce by lost wax casting, it is more economic. Moulds cheaper, minium order quantity small, and the products will be 100% as same as your samples.

But lost wax casting needs longer working time, so the labour cost is higher, and we need to produce bucket tooth and adaptor one by one by hand, the delivery time is long.

Lost wax casting, mould cheaper, quality reliable, we mainly use this kind techinque to produce our orders. It suits most customers.