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How to choose the most suitable cutting edge!

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How to choose the most suitable cutting edge!

Hi! Thanks very much for your inquiry our cutting edge. Let me introduce each cutting edge for you to choose.

our factory could support you all kinds of cutting edge and grader blades.

I.About grader blades we could support C80 and 30MnB material!

   1. If your company focuses on earth moving, we recommend that you choose C80 material blades

   2. If your company focuses on mining work, we recommend that you choose 30MnB material blades

II.Choose grader blades or cutting edge?

   If you choose cutting edges for the motor grader machine, the most appropriate is grader blades.

   And other machines all could use cutting edges

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   1. Spade blades is used as a specially shaped cutting edge for loader machines

   2. If you choose Spade Blade for the loader machine, we recommend the Spade Blade with three rows of holes because it is easier to  install the bucket teeth

   3. If you choose the cutting edge for excavator machine, we recommend you SBF cutting edge, because the Bucket Teeth and Adapter  are welded on the Cutting edge,

III.Choose SBF cutting edge or DBF cutting edge?

    1. We recommend you to choose DBF cutting edge, because the service life of DBF cutting edge will be longer. If one side of the cutting  edge is broken due to use, it could be used on another side, thus reducing the budget for purchasing cutting edge frequently.

    2. Excavators can only choose SBF cutting edge!!!

IV.How to choose suitable thickness

    1. The cutting edge of our factory can customize the thickness required by your demand.

        The more thicker, the more durable cutting edge will be

        This is our customers usually choose thicknesses: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm

    2. If you are mining company, we recommend you to choose the thickened cutting edge.