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Merry Christmas from Ningbo Yassian Ground Engaging Tools supplier

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Christmas is here again, blessings and joy fill the air, and this holiday has become a time for friends and family to get together.

On this special day, I would like to send you all my most sincere wishes. No matter where you are and what kind of environment you live in, I hope you can feel the warmth and happiness of the holiday season.

We are a professional manufacturer of quality get parts over 20 years.

We started our operations in 2002 by offering Cutting Edges and Bucket Teeth at first.

Focus more on research and development and gradually transformed into be a bigger company to serve more customers from 100+ countries. Now we can a wide range of aftermarket parts with 15000+ different part number.

Constantly improving and striving to produce quality parts to become a reliable brand. YASSIAN is a brand that cares more about just making a sale but highly emphasizes its core values.

Annual sales turnover increase from 2.1M to 18.9M.

YASSIAN is here to maximize the service life and productivity of your machines on the ground and is ready to dig for success together.