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YASHENG COMPANY Main products - Main products bucket teeth, grader blades and cutting edges

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grader blades and cutting edges

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  Our main products are grader blades, cutting edges and bucket teeth. Grader blades are mainly applied on motor graders. For grader blades, we can provide C80 (carbon steel) and 30MnB (heat-treated boron steel). The hardness of carbon steel is HB280-320 and the hardness of heat-treated boron steel is HB440-480. It means that grader blades made by 30MnB have higher wear resisting and could be used longer. There are two widths for grader blade - 152mm and 203mm and four thicknesses- 13mm, 16mm, 19mm and 25mm, According to width to classify, normal types are 152*13mm, 152*16mm, 152*19mm and 203*16mm, 203*19mm, 203*25mm. The length could be customized based on model size of machine, but the hot sales are 1828*152*16, 1828*152*19, 1828*203*19, 2133*152*16, 2133*152*19 and 2133*203*19. There are 13 steps in production process of grader blades. Starting with CNC cutting, Polishing, CNC drilling round holes, Punching square holes, Heat treatment, In process quality inspection and then Shot blasting, Straightening, Inspection, Painting, Painting Inspection, finally Packing &Warehouse. 30MnB need to take heat treatment to get high hardness, C80 have too many carbon which cannot take heat treatment to become harder. Hence, clients need to choose right size, material and part number based on machine model and working environment.

Cutting edges are widely used on bulldozers, loaders, motor graders and excavators. For cutting edge, 16Mn (heat-treated manganese steel) and 30MnB are generally used as material. the hardness of manganese steel is HB330-370, which is lower than 30MnB. So if the working environment is bad like mining, choosing grader blades made by 30MnB will be better choice. There are mainly three types: NBF, SBF and DBF cutting edges. The sizes of cutting edges are too many to count, usually we will produces based on the information clients provide. The monthly output of our cutting edge is more than 600 tons. There are 14 steps in production process of cutting edge, that have 1 step more than grader blades -Milling bevel. There are also three inspections during production process, In process quality inspection is the most important one after Milling bevel and Heat treatment. We have professional inspectors to supervise the quality of goods in- process, including checking the shape, all dimensions and the hardness. Finally we also have a final inspector to check everything(dimension,holes distance and hardness)before packing.

bucket teeth

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We are a professional factory to produce bucket teeth with more than 20 years and cooperate with Catrpillar, Komatsy, JCB, Volov, Daewoo, ITR,ESCO and other famous companies in long term. Bucket teeth are installed on the buckets of excavators and loaders. We mainly use three methods to produce bucket teeth, including lost wax casting, precision casting and forging process. There are 17 steps in total producing process which is very precise. From wax injection to packing, we have strict inspections to control the quality at every step. The material of bucket teeth is alloy steel, its detailed chemical compositions are 30CrMo and 30CrMoNi. The role of Ni and Mo is to improve the wear resistance of bucket teeth and adapters. We have achieved the best suitable chemical composition with best wear resistance, durability and longevity. We have many types for bucket teeth, different types are used in different working conditions, For example, flat type is for earthwork, RC type is for rocking, TL type is for ice surface.

we can make clients’ logos on their blades by stamping or painting, but if clients want to put logos on teeth, the quantity of bucket teeth need to be big enough (usually more than 1000kg) for each part number.  Meanwhile,  we normally paint the products yellow, if clients require to change color, we could change color with a little fee of customization.

future development outlook

With the change of epidemic prevention policy, we believe the communication and transportation with foreign countries will gradually resume. We are going to join the exhibitions in different countries again. for example, we will present at CONEXPO-CON AGG in Las Vegas, US in March 2023. Our goal of year 2023 is that the annual sales amount is over 100 million dollars. We are looking for connecting with more clients of other countries and increasing our business network.

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