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YASSIAN Excavator Bucket Teeth 85811440 3.5kg Bucket Tooth JCB Bucket Teeth

Applicable Industries:Construction works
Brand Name:Yassian or as your requirement
Warranty:2 years
Color:Yellow or as your requirement
Logo:Yassian or as your requirement
Material:Alloy Steel
Payment:T/T, L/CProcess:Heat Treatment
Delivery:35-40 DAYS
Applicable Industries:Construction works
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Machinery Test Report:Provided
Marketing Type:New Product 2023
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

  • 85811440


YASSIAN Excavator Bucket Teeth 85811440 3.5kg Bucket Tooth JCB Bucket Teeth

Condition: 85811440

Weight: 3.5kg

Applicable Industries:Construction works

Video outgoing-inspection:Provided

Machinery Test Report:Provided85811440, 85801376, 85801377factory刀板工厂

bucket teeth斗齿装箱


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How to maintain bucket teeth:
1.Practice has proved that in the use of excavator bucket teeth, the wear of the outermost bucket teeth is 30% faster than that of the innermost bucket teeth. It is suggested that after a period of time, the bucket teeth should be changed from inside to outside.
2.The wear condition of the tooth seat is also very important to the service life of the excavator bucket tooth. It is recommended to replace the tooth seat after the tooth seat is worn off by 10% - 15%. Because the wear is too large between the tooth seat and the bucket teeth there is a large gap, so that the bucket teeth and the tooth seat, and the force point has changed, the bucket teeth because of the force point change and fracture.
3.The excavator driver should pay attention to the Angle operation of excavation in the operation, try to master the excavation, bucket teeth when digging perpendicular to the working face, or the inclination Angle is not greater than 120 degrees, avoid breaking bucket teeth due to excessive dip Angle, but also pay attention not to swing the mining arm left and right under the condition of greater resistance, which will make bucket teeth and tooth base due to excessive force and fracture. Because most types of bucket tooth mechanical design principle, did not consider the force design.


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Undercarriage parts and Pulley-Rubber parts (pulley,belt tensioner, coupling,spline,belt,cabin filter

boot/dustproof cover, china link,idler,carrier roller,sprocket,bucket,teeth and seat ,support arm,hammer, cab,ect.)

Cooling parts,Pusher-operating rod Assy and Motor(oil cooler,valve chamber cover,fan blade,heating radiator,pusher,adjust fitting,pilot valve,foot wook,starting motor,turbocharger,throttle knob,clutch plate,ect)

Ningbo Yasheng Casting Industry Co.,Ltd., as one of the famous manufacturer of Ground Engaging tools (GET) spare parts in Ningbo, China, was founded in 2002 by our Chairman- Yafang Wang. The products of our company include grader blades, cutting edges, end bits, bucket teeth, adapters and other related products.


- In 2002, Yafang Wang, as the founder, built a bucket tooth factory .

- In May, 2013, our new CEO- Alen Xu took over the company and decide to change the production line to be cutting edge &end bits. In October of same year, the new blade factory started production.

- In year 2012, we set up the international trading department and built our own website. Meanwhile, we attended Bauma China and officially started the international business.

- In year 2014, we have joined exhibitions in Shanghai, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa and expanded our business network. in that year, the annual sales amount is around 2 million dollars, increased by 71%.

- In year 2015, international sales department office moved to CBD. We attended more exhibitions, opened business in France, Brazil and Peru. Especially since we entered in Russian market, the total sales amount of Russia is 820976.91 dollars and the annual sales amount is around 3.1 million dollars, which increased by 66%.

- In March 2017, we attended CONEXPO in USA. At the same time, we rebuilt the plant and updated our machines, the annual sales amount increased to around 7.8 million dollars, increased by 38%.

- In year 2018, our CEO toke a great reform of management and company policy. In the meantime, the factory plant was expanded. With the preliminary developing of international sales network, the annual sales amount jumped to around 9.8 million dollars.

- In 2020, our factory plant has completed and the international sales department office moved into new business building near to plant. In that year, we reached 12.5 million dollars.