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YASSIAN High Carbon 8ft 5D9561 Cutting Edge Motor Grader Blades 5D9561

Process:Heat Treatment
Warranty: 2 years
Applicable Industries: Construction works
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Application: Motorgarder Attachment
Key words: blades for motor grader / cutting edge
Color: Yellow or as your requirement
Logo: Yassian or as your requirement

  • 5D9561

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YASSIAN High Carbon 8ft 5D9561 Cutting Edge Motor Grader Blades 5D9561



Process:Heat Treatment

Warranty: 2 years

Applicable Industries: Construction works

Machinery Test Report: Provided

Video outgoing-inspection: Provided

Application: Motorgarder Attachment

Key words: blades for motor grader / cutting edge

Color:Yellow or as your requirement

Logo:Yassian or as your requirement刀板装柜-1


Sort Name Motor grader blades and end bits
Service Logo: YASSIAN, No logo or customer's logo                                                                                  Color: yellow or as customer required                                                                                            Other: Plow bolts and nuts are available
Model No. Motorgrader CAT 12 12G 12H 14
Part Number 1.Curved Grader blades:9W2297 9W2299 9W2301 5D9553 5D9554 5D9556 5D9557 5D9558 5D9559 5D9561 5D9562 7D1158 7D1949 7D1577 4T2233 4T2242 4T2244 4T2236 9J3862 7T1633 7D4508 4T2237...
2.Flat Grader blades: 4T3007 4T3036 4T8316 4T8317 4T6511 4T6508 138-6440 135-9576 232-70-12143 234-70-12193 234-70-12710 T66702 T74767  T66707 75438 75439...
3.Grader end bits:8E5529,8E5530,8E5531,6D1948,9W1767,9W1768,6D1904,6Y2805,7D9999,7D2052,9J4405,9J4406,T149152, 232-70-52190,232-70-52180,234-70-32230,234-70-32240,232-70-52980...
Material Grader blades: C80 High Carbon Steel or Heart Treated 30MnB Boron Steel
Grader end bits: Heat Treated 16Mn Manganese Steel or Heat  Treated 30MnB Boron Steel
Other type Serrated curved grader blad or Serrated Flat grader blade are both available
YASSIAN Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Motor Grader Blades and End Bits, Dozer Cutting Edge, Loader Bucket Edges, Excavator Cutting edge, Scraper Cutting Edge, Bucket Teeth, Buckets,Lip shrouds, Siderbar protectors, Lip protectors,hell shrouds, Ripper teeth and protectors, Shank ripper,Bolts and Nuts, Pins and Retainer, Undercarrige parts, Breaker Chisel, Grouser bars, Chocky bars, all other bucket wear parts...
Application model Fit for most brand of Motorgrader,Bulldozer,Wheel loader,Excavator,Scraper,Skid Steer,Backhoe
Package Cutting edge and end bits: PLYWOOD PALLETS;
Bucket Teeth And Adapters, Bolts and Nuts, Pinsand locks: PLYWOOD CASES
Certificate ISO9001:2016, SGS Certificate
Type of Business Manufacturer since year 2002

The 5D9561 Grader Blade is a specific model of grader blade manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. It is designed to be compatible with various motor grader models produced by Caterpillar. Some common Caterpillar motor grader models that may use the 5D9561 Grader Blade include:

  1. Caterpillar 120 Motor Grader

  2. Caterpillar 12 Motor Grader

  3. Caterpillar 140 Motor Grader

  4. Caterpillar 14 Motor Grader

  5. Caterpillar 160 Motor Grader

  6. Caterpillar 16 Motor Grader

  7. Caterpillar 12H Motor Grader

  8. Caterpillar 120H Motor Grader

Grader blades, such as the 5D9561 Grader Blade, are commonly used in various industries and applications where precise leveling, grading, and finishing of surfaces are required. Here are some typical applications and industries where grader blades are commonly utilized:

  1. Road Construction: Grader blades play a vital role in road construction projects. They are used to level and shape the road surface, ensuring proper drainage, smoothness, and overall quality of the road.

  2. Earthmoving and Site Preparation: Grader blades are utilized in site preparation for construction projects, such as building foundations, parking lots, and industrial sites. They help in clearing, leveling, and shaping the terrain to meet the required specifications.

  3. Mining and Quarrying: Grader blades are used in mining and quarrying operations to create level surfaces for haul roads, access roads, and stockpile areas. They help in maintaining safe and efficient transportation routes within mining sites.

  4. Airport Runway Construction: Grader blades are employed in the construction and maintenance of airport runways. They ensure the proper grading and leveling of the runway surface, allowing for safe takeoffs and landings.

  5. Landscaping and Sports Field Maintenance: Grader blades are used in landscaping projects, including the construction and maintenance of sports fields, golf courses, and parks. They help achieve a level and even surface for various activities.

  6. Snow Removal: Grader blades can be equipped with snowplow attachments for efficient snow removal on roads, parking lots, and other paved surfaces during winter months.



- In 2002, Yafang Wang, as the founder, built a bucket tooth factory .

- In May, 2013, our new CEO- Alen Xu took over the company and decide to change the production line to be cutting edge &end bits. In October of same year, the new blade factory started production.

- In year 2012, we set up the international trading department and built our own website. Meanwhile, we attended Bauma China and officially started the international business.

- In year 2014, we have joined exhibitions in Shanghai, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa and expanded our business network. in that year, the annual sales amount is around 2 million dollars, increased by 71%.

- In year 2015, international sales department office moved to CBD. We attended more exhibitions, opened business in France, Brazil and Peru. Especially since we entered in Russian market, the total sales amount of Russia is 820976.91 dollars and the annual sales amount is around 3.1 million dollars, which increased by 66%.

- In March 2017, we attended CONEXPO in USA. At the same time, we rebuilt the plant and updated our machines, the annual sales amount increased to around 7.8 million dollars, increased by 38%.

- In year 2018, our CEO toke a great reform of management and company policy. In the meantime, the factory plant was expanded. With the preliminary developing of international sales network, the annual sales amount jumped to around 9.8 million dollars.

- In 2020, our factory plant has completed and the international sales department office moved into new business building near to plant. In that year, we reached 12.5 million dollars.

Part No. Description Weight(kg) Model Application
5D9553 DBC Grader Blade 1828*152*16  13*5/8" 29 12G,12H,14T,112T,120,120G,120H,130G,135H,140H,140G,12F,322B
5D9554 DBC Grader Blade 2133*152*16  15*5/8" 34 12G,12H,120G,120H,130G,16T,140H,135H,143H,12F
5D9558 DBC Grader Blade 1828*203*19  13*5/8" 50 12G,12H,14T,112T,120,120G,135H,140G,140,152X,143H,140H,163H,160K,140K,12F
5D9559 DBC Grader Blade 2133*203*19  15*5/8" 59 12G,12H,120G,120H,16T,140G,140K,143H,140H,135H,12F
5D9556 DBC Grader Blade 1828*152*19  13*5/8" 35.5 12G,12H,14T,112T,120,120G,120H,130G,135H,12F
5D9557 DBC Grader Blade 2133*152*19  15*5/8" 42 12G,12H,120G,120H,130G,16T,12F
5D9562 DBC Grader Blade 1828*203*16  13*5/8" 42 12G,12H,14T,112T,120,120G,120H,135H,140G,140,152X,12F,140H,143H,135H,12F
5D9561 DBC Grader Blade 2133*203*16  15*5/8" 49 12G,12H,120G,120H,16T,140G,143H,140H,135H,163H,160H,12F
4T2244 DBC Grader Blade 1828*203*25  13*5/8" 68 3304,3306,120G,12G,130G,140G
4T2242 DBC Grader Blade 2133*203*25  15*5/8" 79 3304,3306,120G,12G,130G,140G
7D1158 DBC Grader Blade 2133*203*16  15*3/4" 49 14G,14H,120M,160K,160M,163H,160H,14M,140K,12M,143H
7D1576 DBC Grader Blade 1828*203*19  13*3/4" 50 12M,120K2,120K,120M,143H,12K,160M,163H,140M,140K,160H,
7D1577 DBC Grader Blade 2133*203*19  15*3/4" 59 14G,14H,12M,143H,12K,140K2,14M,140M,163H,160M,140K,120M,120K

DBC Grader Blade


4T2231 DBC Grader Blade 1828*203*25  13*3/4" 68 18M3,16H
4T2233 DBC Grader Blade 2133*203*25  15*3/4" 79 3304,3306,3406,130G,14G,16G,12G,140G




1. Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer.We are one of the famous manufacturer of Ground Engaging Tools spare parts in NINGBO,our products include grader blades,cutting edges,end bits,shank ripper,bucket tooth and adapter etc.which are suitable for many kinds of construction and mining machines like Excavator,Motor grader,Bulldozer,Scraper etc.

2. Can you make products with our brand?

Surely,we are welcome to cooperate as customized service. But we have a minimum quantity requirement.

3. What is your warranty?

Two year warranty, free replacement for broken ones with abnormal wear life. But the warranty does not apply to any part which have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, or not installed according to instructions and specifications.

4. How long is your delivery time?

The delivery time for one container is around 25-30 days.

5. Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

Yes, we could offer free sample but normally customer need to pay the freight cost.

6. What is your terms of payment ?

T/T, L/C at sight, D/P, etc. Please contact us for further discussion.

7. What certification/ quality control system do you have?

We have ISO9001:2015 certificate and SGS certificate.

8. How many colors for the products? Can we change the color?

Normally we make it yellow, and we could change the color if you require, but we need to increase the price a little because the other color cost is higher than yellow.

9. Could you provide the test report/material certificate?

Yes, of course. We can provide you detailed report with material composition and performance.

10. Do you have minimum purchase quantity?

Yes, normally we will ask for 1000 kgs for a minimum order quantity, you can make a trial order to test our quality.