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bucket teeth

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-22      Origin: Site

Ningbo Asen Corporation announces new options and updates for the M-series Tracker Feller Bale Car, harvester, shovel logger


6544d11e7107fbad8ac5b8454f66a59Ningbo city -- (Dec 22, 2021) -- Asen Casting Corporation has introduced new options and updates to its m-series crawler Feller bales, harvesters, excavators and forklifts.  The previously released blade plate, bucket teeth, tooth base, track plate and bucket have been improved.  

The updated product gives the operator more sensation and control of movement, especially during fine metering.  This provides greater tuning scope for a single function and improves Settings for multiple operator preferences and skill levels.  

"Continuous improvement is always with our equipment, and improving the machine controls and operator comfort is a prime example of providing greater customization for the operator," said Alen, Product marketing manager at Asen.    

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